Special needs do not have a vacation

Special needs require

special assistance

All year round

Requires special preparation

from you

Need special customizations

from you

The special needs

do not take vacation

have no vacancy

to pick out

Increased need floats to the surface when

familiar security sinks

to the bottom

Then extra is required

extra of the extra

Extra trusting relationship

to you

Extra supportive requirements adjustments

from you

Supportive pedagogy

from you

And the special needs becomes


through stress-reducing activities, recovery

and joy

Together with you

So don’t forget to have fun this summer

Collect in minutes

gather times

of wellbeing

And gather laughter

Special needs

need your special courage

this summer

and your special will

to balance

A special kind of balance from your side

Day by day

and hour by hour


effort – recovery

a lot of support – a little support

It is often said that in times of need

the friend is tested

In the summer

we are extra tested as staff

Staff, business and the organization

Are we to be trusted?

Special needs

need your special commitment

Today is a very important day

every day

Because special needs do not have a holiday


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